At you first session we start the process of working together with a consultation. I listen to you; what your concerns are and what is it that you want to make better in your body and life. Together we will explore what you want to work towards, your current range of movement, any patterns of pain, injuries or any other factors which you feel might be important. Everything we discuss is 100% confidential. Before we start anything we will agree how we want to work together.

Bodywork is a two-way process, so you will never be asked or forced to move somewhere where you feel uncomfortable. When we are ready to start the session, I will leave the room so you can get undressed. You take off as many or as few clothes as you are comfortable with, then get onto the couch and cover yourself with the drape provided. You will be covered by this drape at all times during the treatment, except for the areas I am working on. While we work I might ask to to feedback to me regarding pressure, so that we can get this right for you. This is your time and your knowledge of your body is far superior to mine so feedback is important. When the session is over, I will leave the room to get you some water and to wash my hands, and you can get dressed. At the end of the treatment we will have a short chat, and if I feel that some yoga, movement, myofascial release, breath work, relaxation techniques or the use of thermal modalities (hot / cold) will help you, I will share these will you.

Any journey from pain to wellness takes time - there is no quick-fix. This is why I ask clients who are suffering with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, stress and insomnia to begin their work with me by coming for regular sessions. I would expect to start to see changes in 2-6 sessions. This kick starts the process of healing and means that we can dig down and really start to find out what is going on. There will never be any 'fixing', 'pushing', or 'forcing' because the work we do is done together. I promise to meet you exactly where you are; to listen to you and to work with you using my full range of skills & knowledge.