Balance in the Autumn Equinox

Have you felt a change in the air today? Did you notice, almost suddenly, that it was darker this morning when you got up? In the northern hemisphere today is the Autumn Equinox, a day when the duration of the day and night are equal and balanced.

At this time of year we see and feel that change around us, leaves turning golden brown, plants starting to hibernate, days getting shorter and mornings darker. It can be harder to get up in the mornings and our energy levels might be lower than normal as we adjust to less daylight and cooler temperatures. In a world so dominated by set working hours and artificial light it can be hard to adapt to these changes.

Today is the perfect day to consider the balance in your life, and ask yourself 'how am I caring for myself?'.

Why not consider taking just 60mins of your day for yourself and booking a massage session? At this time of year hot stones feel wonderful and are especially good for balancing the body and mind, giving the most amazing feeling of deep relaxation! They can also help with insomnia, digestive issues and chronic pain.


Claire Feldkamp

Claire Feldkamp MTI CNHC is on a mission to help people bring balance to their lives. She is passionate about yoga as a tool for self-enquiry, and believes that it has something to offer everyone. Her instruction blends together a deep appreciation of alignment with a fundamental love of movement. An avid rock climber, mountaineer, runner, hungry learner, anatomy nerd and archaeologist, Claire applies her adventurous experiences of life to her teachings, making classes accessible, fun and deeply inspiring. Claire loves to enable others to listen and respond to their bodies, and does so by blending together bodywork, yoga, mediation and mindfulness.