How massage can improve your golf performance

Anyone who plays golf will know what a demanding sport it is. The golf swing is a complex, whole body movement which generates power to propel a golf ball long distances with great accuracy. Golfers work at their swing consistently in order to co-ordinate their patterns of movement so that the swing becomes fluid and reproducible (think Tiger Woods!).

But the effort and repetition required to perfect a golf swing can lead to muscular and myofascial tension throughout the body, and most people who play golf suffer from tension in their head/neck, between their shoulder blades, in their hands, arms and forearms, and in their lower backs. Walking long distances on the golf course can also contribute to tight calves and sore feet.

Poor technique and body mechanics can lead to injuries such as golfers' elbow, rotator cuff strains, chronic knee pain, hamstring pulls or trouble with the SI joint (sacroiliac joint), because golf involves so much rotation and compression through the body. Repetitive injuries can be very debilitating, because they require rest and re-education of patterns of movement, and this often means taking a break from playing golf altogether.

Regular massage and bodywork can ease muscular tension, release tight fascia, improve mobility in joints, increase flexibility and provide a powerful way to open up tight areas of the body. I have worked with many golfers and all of them have reported back to me that receiving regular massage has improved their game, allowing them to play without pain and with an improved golf swing!


Claire Feldkamp

Claire Feldkamp MTI CNHC is on a mission to help people bring balance to their lives. She is passionate about yoga as a tool for self-enquiry, and believes that it has something to offer everyone. Her instruction blends together a deep appreciation of alignment with a fundamental love of movement. An avid rock climber, mountaineer, runner, hungry learner, anatomy nerd and archaeologist, Claire applies her adventurous experiences of life to her teachings, making classes accessible, fun and deeply inspiring. Claire loves to enable others to listen and respond to their bodies, and does so by blending together bodywork, yoga, mediation and mindfulness.