Training, CDP and Supervision

My CPD sessions, massage practice days and supervision groups are designed to extend the skills, experience and creative possibilities open to practitioners of massage and other bodywork disciplines (e.g. shiatsu, osteopathy, dance and fitness). I also teach massage therapists how to use yoga as a tool which can help clients re-connect with their bodies and promote self-care and wellbeing. I am particularly passionate about helping therapists who lack confidence, are struggling with body use issues, want to work in deeper but don't know how too, or want to find new ways of working. 


One-to-one or small group training focused on any aspect of bodywork or massage such as developing confidence, learning better body use, exploring anatomy or extending your skills. 



Supervision to enable practitioners to get their personal and professional needs met in a community setting. This may including sharing, celebrating, asking questions, practising techniques and experimenting - all within a safe, supportive and facilitated environment. 


Bodyuse for Massage Therapists
A two-day course which covers using the whole body to generate power and movement during massage that supports your hands, and conserving your hands by using other body areas such as forearms and elbows. Self-care is also explored.


The Art of Clinical Assessment
A one day course covering all aspects of consultation and clinical assessment for therapists