What can bodywork do for you?

'Bodywork' describes a whole range of different techniques all of which use manipulation, movement and repatterning to bring about structural change to the body. I work using massage, myofascial release and hot/cold stones. Bodywork can help:

  • Relieve stress life has placed on your body
  • Release muscles and mobilise joints strained from sport, gardening, work or life
  • Prepare for, or recover from, a sporting event
  • Explore the effects of your personal history on your body 
  • Let go of patterns of movement that no longer serve you
  • Support your body when life gets tough
  • Address emotional needs 
  • All of this!

I use a wide-range of techniques in my massage including subtle energy and deep tissue work; dynamic mobilisations; gentle holds; myofascial release, energy muscle (MET), soft tissue release and neuromuscular techniques. You may not know what any of these words mean and that's ok. Good massage is a two-way process in which you and I meet and work together. Every treatment is unique and I do not work to any set routine. "Massage is like a dance" - it flows, is intuitive and allows the body to find its own pathway to healing. 

I choose the techniques that I use based on your needs, and then flow them together in a way that does not promote pain but seeks to enable your body to bring itself into balance. I will communicate with you and work 'with' you towards your goals rather than just 'doing' massage to you. An important element of my work is facilitating a deeper understanding of the body. When appropriate my sessions include some form of simple movement,  myofascial release, trigger point work or self-massage technique that you can take away with you and use everyday to help your body back to balance.