Yoga begins with listening

Remembering and forgetting

I spent four days in October immersed in anatomy, breath work and yoga with my teacher Leslie Kaminoff, who came to teach at The Yoga Bank in Widnes. It was transformational and deeply fascinating experience for me and one which has left me contemplating what yoga is and how we teach it, along with the ways in which the stories we tell ourselves about our bodies shape our experiences of living in them. 

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Structural Integration and the art of Rolfing

 Ida Rolf was originally a biochemist, and during 40 years of research she discovered that the bodies internal network of connective tissue (what we call fascia) actively adapts to patterns of use and misuse. She discovered that the steady application of moderate manual pressure (myofascial manipulation or Rolfing as it is now called) could cause dense layers of tissue to melt, transform and stretch. Systematically applied pressure created flexibility, released people from old, rigid postures and improved their body’s segmental alignment with gravity.