Say yes!

When your heart is opened to its truest longing,
even by a tiny crack, say yes!
When the mind stops its incessant judging,
even for a single moment, say yes!
When suddenly you're overcome with wonder,
don't take time to think, say yes!
When your body wants to sway and dance,
let it pulse and move with joy, say yes!
When tears fill your eyes and want to spill out,
with absolutely no warning, say yes!
When the redwood tree is asking for a hug,
throw your arms around her giant waist, say yes!
When the dazzling rose invites you to her fragrance,
bury your lovely nose in her blossom, say yes!
When you want a taste of honey with no bread,
let your tongue awake to sweetness, say yes!
When your walking and a song just want
to sing out loud, and people are around, say yes!
When a stranger looks at you, even if you're not
quite sure, just smile and let your eyes say yes!
When your lover gazes tenderly with yearning,
there is always time for love, say yes!
When God is knocking on the door inside your heart,
please don't keep her waiting, say yes!
And when its time to give your life, your breath,
your aging body back to its true source, say yes!