A bit about me

Bodywork is about creating space and a sense of openness and in the body. I think of myself as a facilitator - someone who helps others to find there way to wholeness and healing through the mediums of myofascial release, massage and yoga. 

We don’t get a manual when we get a body and it can take us our whole lives to work out how to look after it! Life is about learning the best ways to engage with our bodies so that we are able to do everything we want to. When we are suffering with pain, learning how to care for ourselves is often the key to becoming pain free.

Throughout my life I’ve been influenced by a love of movement including yoga, dance, tai chi, mountaineering and rock climbing.  I am endlessly curious about the body and the ways in which our everyday actions are manifest in our bodies. I believe that movement is fundamental to feeling happy and healthy.

I have trained with and continue to train with a number of amazing people including Sarah Cohen MTI at BCMB, Jing in Brighton, Darien Pritchard at Dynamic Massage and John Gibbons. Learning never ends and my clients are often the people who teach me the most. I took my first intensive yoga teacher training at Yogaview in Chicago, and have returned several times since to delve deeper into my practice. I honor and acknowledge all of my teachers there for opening so many doors for me to learn about myself. My personal yoga and meditation practice is both a tool for self-enquiry and the source from which I am able to teach.